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Claire Lee and Peter Tomaino at Hazak 4-19-17

OTR Soup Kitchen 7-16-17

Sisterhood Knitting Circle 7-2-17

River City Kosher Barbecue 6-25-17

Hazak 6-21-17

Teen Italian Cooking Class 6-11-17

Sisterhood: Gardening with Ron Wilson 5-21-17

Lag BaOmer 5-13-17

Men's Club: Dayton Air Force Museum 4-30-17

Living Room Learning: Vietnam 4-23-17

Hazak Lunch: Peter Tomaino, Opera Singer 4-19-17

Sisterhood Knitting Group 3-26-17

Sisterhood Self Defense Class 2-26-17

Hazak: Rabbi Barnard 2-15-17

OTR Soup Kitchen 2-12-17

Scholar in Residence Brunch 1-29-17

Scholar in Residence Event 1-28-17

L'Dor V'Dor Fundraiser Gala 1-21-17

Hazak Lunch: Escape to Shanghai 1-18-17

Queen City Clay January 8-15, 2017

Hanukah Chinese Dinner 12-25-16

Hazak: Donald Hordes 12-21-16

Hazak: From Bimah to Broadway 11-16-16

Hazak: Polling 10-19-16

Hazak: Music Hall 9-14-16

Shabbat in the Park 8-12-16

Soup Kitchen 7-10-16

Shabbat in Schappacher Park 7-8-16

Hazak Program: Museum Center 6-15-16

Hazak Program with Sharon Hordes 5-18-16

Livingroom Learning 5-15-16

Thanks to Our Volunteers & Teachers 5-15-16

Sisterhood Olive Oil Tasting 5-5-16

Livingroom Learning 4-10-16

Lichtin Concert 4-3-16

Purim 3-23-16

World Wide Wrap 2-7-16

Kosher Chinese Dinner 12-24-15

Hazak: Henry Fenichel 12-16-15

Chanukah Party 12-12-15

Volunteers Bake For Soup Kitchen 11-29-15

Arts Fair 11-22-15

Hazak Lunch 11-18-15

Hazak: Spring Grove Cemetery 10-21-15

Sukkah Hop 10-4-15

Sukkah Panel at the JCC

Shalom Family Event 9-20-15

Malavah Malka 9-19-15

Hazak with Carol Hershenson 9-16-15

Cantor Heather Batchelor September 2015

Mega-Challah Bake 9-9-15

Operation School Bell 9-3-15

Sisterhood Brunch 8-23-15

Hazak with Dan Karlsberg 6-17-15

Hazak with Maia Moreg 5-20-15

Queen City Klezmorim @ Sisterhood Lunch 5-3-1

100th Anniversary of Congregation B'nai Avraham 4-26-15

Purim 3-4-15

Sisterhood Lunch & Fashion Show 12-7-14

Hazak: Claire Lee & Dixieland Jazz Band 9-17-14

Kumaré Movie 9-16-14

7th Graders Put On Tefillin 9-7-14

Young Family Shabbat Service 8-29-14

Men's Club at OTR Soup Kitchen 8-24-14

Sisterhood Brunch 8-24-14

Hazak: Jeff Gushin & the Corncobs 6-18-14

HaZak: Age-Related Cognitive Loss 5-21-14

Gala Tribute to Rabbi Barnard 5-11-14

HaZak Lunch with Rabbi Barnard 4-30-14

Passover Wine Tasting 3-30-14

HaZak: Carmen ReDux 3-19-14

Purim Carnival 3-16-14.htm

Purim 3-15-14

Scholar in Residence Weekend with Rabbi Naomi Levy
February 14-16, 2014

Shofar Workshop 2-9-14

Hazak "Rescue in the Philippines" 1-15-14


Rabbi Marc Rosenstein and Sonia Milrod 1-28-17
Sara Eiser in Schappacher Park
Shabbat in Schappacher Park 7-8-16
Bea Goodman, Sharon Hordes and Claire Lee
Hazak Program with Sharon Hordes 5-18-16
World Wide Wrap 2-7-16
World Wide Wrap 2-7-16

Julie Pentelnik Art Display
Julie Pentelnik Display at Arts Fair 11-22-15

Queen City Klezmorim performed at Sisterhood Lunch on 5-3-15
Queen City Klezmorim 5-3-15

Bill Freedman, MC, at the 100th Anniversary of Congregation B'nai Avraham
Bill Freedman, MC, at the
100th Anniversary of Congregation B'nai Avraham 4-26-2015

Rabbi Barnard and his family
Gala Tribute to Rabbi Barnard 5-11-14


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